Verdi’s Otello:

“Dignified but touching, Tamara Acosta (Desdemona) added vocal glamour to the performance.  Her big, pealing voice opened up to thrilling effect in Desdemona’s Act III duet with Otello and then soared over the act-ending ensemble.”

-Web Review

Verdi Requiem:

Tamara Acosta“The most dramatic moment of the piece was the finale for soprano and chorus “Libera me” with Acosta pulling every syllable of pathos from the plea for eternal rest.”

-Sarasota Times

“Her most dramatic performance came in the final “Libera me, domine”  where her facial expressions matched the intensity of her soaring voice as she pleaded for deliverance from eternal death and in the vocal beauty of her “Requiem aeternam” leading to her visceral scream of terror at the vision of hell and damnation mirrored in her eyes.”

-Sarasota Herald Tribune

“The standout would be Tamara Acosta because of the perfectly clear, unforced qualities of her voice.  Her notes seemed to soar without apparent effort.  One member of the audience said, repeatedly, ‘She sings like an angel!’”

-Venice Gondolier

Countess Maritza:

“Tamara Acosta made a sturdy-toned Manja with an opulent presence.”

-The New Mexican


“Soprano, Tamara Acosta’s ample voice rings with power and polish.  Her Act II prayer scene is particularly effective.”

-Venice Gondolier

Tamara AcostaArtist’s Concert:

“Tamara Acosta launched the evening with a spectacular version of “La mamma morta” in which her sumptuous and enormous voice practically peeled the paint off the back wall.”

-Sarasota Herald Tribune


“Her instrument has an imposing and luscious middle register as well as a secure and powerful top which allowed her to dominate unopposed all of the ensembles.”

-Opera Web Reviews

“Tamara Wright Acosta, as Elvira, has one of those dramatic soprano voices of a rare beauty of tone which carries above the full orchestra without turning shrill, and an easy flexibility in the fioratura passages which abound in the role.  She is also attractive enough to see why the three men are in such hot pursuit!”

-Sarasota Herald Tribune

La Forza del Destino:

La Forza del Destino, Sarasota Opera“Tamara Wright as Leonora gave the finest singing of the evening.  Hers is a solid instrument with a beautiful middle range and a powerful top.”

-Opera Web Reviews

“Tamara Wright (Leonora) sang with purity and beauty in a secure expressive tone that easily encompassed the range.”

-Opera Magazine

Un Giorno di Regno:

“Tamara Wright, as the Marquise, had a focused, rich sound, which she produced with ease.”

-Bronx Gannett